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Comprehensive Editing

Comprehensive editing includes improving paragraph flow, clarity, syntax, wordiness, tone and effectiveness for the intended audience.



Proofreading focuses on typos, grammar and spelling. It can also include formatting for styles guides such as MLA, APA, AP, Chicago (CMOS) and more.


3,000+ Happy Clients

We have a lot of happy clients. We’re proud to be able to say that, and we hope to add you to the list.

Corporate Accounts


Don't Stress!

We know that many small businesses have editing needs on a regular basis, which is why we created our Corporate Account option.

   For one low price, businesses can pre-purchase a set amount of pages on a monthly basis (30 days). From then on, all projects can simply be uploaded to our document center and we will send the documents back when they have been edited.

   If any project requires a rush, no problem! Just let us know when you submit the document and we will get right on it. From law firms to marketing firms, we have the editing talent you need to keep all of your projects error-free. Visit our Corporate Accounts page to get started!

About Us


Why choose us?

The editors at Editing Services, LLC have been working in the industry for over 15 years with great success. With our experience in various genres and publishing formats, you can be assured that your document is handled with professional care. No detail goes without examination! Our company was put together to make it easy for you to get your documents publication ready.

Choosing an editor can be a tedious and sometimes unsuccessful process, but with our system you don’t have to spend time and expense testing out editors. Each of our editors has been put through a rigorous testing process to ensure their capabilities are of a high standard. Editing Services, LLC has a standard philosophy that authors deserve to have their unique voice preserved in their work. Why write from your heart if your heart only ends up being removed from the final product? We want to include you in the final work and preserve the passion you have for your project. Not only will you be satisfied with your final product, your audience will be too.

On top of all this, our work is guaranteed! If you aren’t satisfied, then contact us and we’ll make it right.



Lead Editor

Miriam is our lead editor and she is amazing! Her clients really enjoy the way that she keeps their unique voice and tone while still improving their writing and fixing their grammar mistakes. She really enjoys the science of communication and is currently learning more about how technology influences the way we communicate with each other. Miriam also has quite a bit of experience building style guides for various companies. If you are interested in having a style guide developed for your business, contact us with this request and Miriam will be in touch.

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